ATCA Alzheimer's Treatment and Prevention: In the documented 2 ½ year trial using our protocol: up to 76% of the patients either had no further decline or, even better, had improvement in their mild cognitive impairment.

If you are experiencing memory loss, confusion, or think you may be experiencing signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia — please know that you have options. Alzheimer’s Treatment Centers of America (ATCA) offers a unique and patented protocol that’s personalized to you. It is driven by an artificial intelligence algorithm and trusted by practitioners who specialize in memory improvement and Alzheimer’s treatment.

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The ATCA Approach to Alzheimer’s, Confusion, and Memory Loss

1. Schedule Your Risk-Free Consultation and Meet Your Care Team

Schedule Risk-Free Consult & Initial Office Visit (virtual appointment)grandparents with children

In order to protect our care team members and our patients from Covid-19, all of our visits will be via Telemedicine until further notice. We’ll provide easy-to-follow video conference instructions between the practitioner and the patient and/or the caregivers. This appointment is covered by Medicare and all the forms you need to complete can be done easily online!

Blood Draws and Memory Test

Your practitioner will review your information and order labs as well as a memory test. A mobile phlebotomist will draw blood for various panels from the comfort and safety of your home. You will also receive a link for ATCA memory tests, which can be completed online.

2. ATCA Care Team Uses Artificial Intelligence to Prepare Report and Treatment Recommendations

Data Assessment and Report Creation

Our practitioners, along with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytical tool, will complete a baseline health assessment using your personal medical history, family medical history, genomic sequencing identifying pertinent genetic mutations, blood tests, memory evaluations, and more. A comprehensive 15-page report will then be generated and shared with the patient and/or their caregivers.

Precision Medicine Tailored to Your Needs

Our patented algorithm will also propose a set of prioritized interventions, based on your unique circumstances. Of course, this care plan will be reviewed and adjusted by our team of medical experts before being finalized. The care plan will be presented to the patient and/or caregiver in a 30-minute video conference.

3. Treatment for Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

Regular Coaching for Best Cognitive Outcomes

Health coaches will work with the patients and caregivers throughout every week to ensure that the prescribed protocol is being followed. Clarifications and reminders will be created where needed to make sure the patient is confident in their treatment and adhering to a plan that leads to the most positive outcomes.

Monitor and Adjust Personalized Treatment Plan

Our treatment plans are not static or one-size-fits-all. They are adjusted by experts, based on the continuous collection of new data, including patient reaction, side effects, new labs, biometric trends, and more. The treatment and maintenance of any chronic health condition is a journey and the ATCA care team is here, every step of the way.



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Patented AI Analysis

Experts will examine your health data and use advanced algorithms to better understand your condition.

Personalized Medicine

Health coaches and exciting healthcare apps will help you follow your personalized treatment plan.

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COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 For your safety we utilize Telemedicine visits exclusively. Our safely garbed phlebotomist will come to your home and draw blood for labs.