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  • The direct cost-of-care of staying at Mild Alzheimer’s level instead of progressing to Moderate Alzheimer’s is about 55% less 4. 
  • The cost of Alzheimer’s Care in the US is astronomical: $524BB annually ($290BB direct + $234B indirect). This is $90,000 per person annually: $50,000 direct and $40,000 indirect. 20% of that Spend is in the early years of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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  • The cost of the labs and office visits and coaching is covered by Medicare.  The only out of pocket cost for the Medicare patient would be their Medicare deductible and the cost of their supplements (which should be less than $200 per month on average).  This cost is way less than the cost incurred by letting Alzheimer’s progress. Offsetting the cost is the value of having your loved one with you longer which is immeasurable. 

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