The ATCA approach addresses memory — both memory loss and memory improvement. In the documented 2½ year trial using our patented protocol: up to 76% of the patients either had no further decline or, even better, had improvement in their mild cognitive impairment. Most ATCA expenses are also covered by Medicare!

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Memory Loss and 10 Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

1. Memory loss that interferes with your normal routines and quality of life
2. Challenges following instructions or completing projects with multiple steps (like following recipes or balancing a checkbook)
3. Difficulty completing normal, everyday tasks
4. Confusion over time like losing track of dates or the passage of time — you may not remember where you are or how you arrived there
5. Problems with visual-spatial reasoning — this may come across as clumsiness
6. Issues following or contributing to a conversation
7. Misplacing things — you may place items in unusual places or accuse others are taking things
8. Poor judgment or decision-making — or you don’t care about things that are typically important like budgeting or hygiene
9. Withdrawal from work, hobbies, or social activities
10. Frequent changes in mood or a sudden change in personality – particularly when being challenged or placed outside of your comfort zone

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When Do I Need to Get Help for Memory Loss?

Many conditions – not only Alzheimer’s disease – cause memory loss in older adults. It is important to understand the distinction between normal changes in memory and the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s and other disorders.

Normal memory loss includes forgetting things like:

  • Where you parked
  • A person’s name (momentarily)

With Alzheimer’s, rather, you might forget:

  • What kind of car you own
  • Having ever met somebody

If you are experiencing memory loss that disrupts your everyday life, you should consider reaching out to one of our ATCA specialists. There are memory tests we can conduct online to determine the degree of memory impairment you’re experiencing and we can help you diagnose the cause. Feel free to invite a friend or family member to help you complete the test as they can help answer observational questions.

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