An entire industry called “Managed Care Organizations (MCO)” has sprung up to address this disease management need.

Very little is spent trying to help the population avoid getting these chronic diseases in the first place.  In addition, if the patient does get a chronic disease, there is little done to try and reverse the disease. Profoundly, it is possible to reverse chronic diseases if the root causes are addressed.

Here’s how. Each cell in our body has the blueprint for the correct way for our body to operate.  Environmental, physical, nutritional and toxic contaminants negatively affect the systems in our body.  By eliminating these toxins, it enables the patient’s body to return to a “normal state” of functioning.  Disease is not an ongoing “normal state” even after you get the disease. Your body will go back to its true “normal state” if the impediments are removed.

Most chronic diseases don’t have “one thing” that has caused the disease to manifest itself.  Multi-factor issues have created the disease and a “multi-factor” solution is needed to reverse the disease.  The complexity of the thousands of variables that can be gathered and analyzed has gotten beyond the capability of a doctor.  

This is where our AI-Expert System comes into play. The AI-Expert System takes into account all the thousands of variables and crunches the inputs. These algorithms create the correct, customized solution for each and every patient, allowing the body the chance to return to a normal, healthy stasis. This type of system has not been applied to Alzheimer’s as of yet, so we are first-to-market for this solution and also best-in-class.  Also, we have patented this process of using computer algorithms to address dementia.



Our body is a machine that needs various inputs to function correctly.  Clean air, clean water, energy in the form of the correct foods, cellular building blocks in the form of correct foods and the blueprint that is contained in each of our cells.

So why does the body stop functioning normal:

  1. Our air gets contaminated with heavy metals, dust, mold and micro-plastics.
  2. Our water gets contaminated with heavy metals (these bind tightly to our cells and impede normal functioning), toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.
  3. Wheat and oats are harvested by spraying them with Roundup two weeks before harvest.  The last energy of the stalk is forced up into the kernel which creates a 20% yield increase at harvest.  The Roundup is also forced into the kernel. We eat Roundup every time we eat non-organic wheat or oats.
  4. Milk cows are given antibiotics to prevent them from getting ill.  These antibiotics get carried through into the milk they produce. We drink this milk and the antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in our large intestines. 70% of our hormones are created by the good bacteria in our large intestines.  70% of our Immune System is created by the good bacteria in our large intestines.
  5. Beef cattle are also given antibiotics with similar results to our bodies.
  6. When the good bacteria is killed, our Immune System output goes way down and exposes us to diseases that the Immune System would have normally killed.
  7. When the good bacteria is killed, our hormone output drops and can lead to low energy, low libido and other chronic conditions.
  8. When the good bacteria is killed, it quickly gets replaced with yeast, parasites and bad bacteria.  These bad things cause all sorts of chronic digestive issues.
  9. Pesticides are sprayed on our foods which negatively affect our digestive system.
  10. All of the above items can cause us to get inflammation in our large and small intestines.  This can cause the cells to swell up and it can create small gaps for food to fall through the lining into the bloodstream.  Then our body creates antibodies to fight the “bad food”. The food isn’t bad, but once antibodies have been created your antibodies “think” that food is bad.  So each time you eat those foods more antibodies will be created and keep your body inflamed.
  11. Too much sugar in our diet.  High fructose corn syrup is like sugar on steroids.  This kind of sugar in our system causes frequent insulin spikes leading to insulin resistance and then to diabetes.
  12. Micro-plastics have now become pervasive and are so small they pass through many filters.
  13. Lead from paint and old style gasoline has invaded our environment.  Mercury is picked up by a lot of seafood and then we eat the seafood.  Chromium can come from industrial sources. Heavy metals like these bind tightly to our cells and stop them from functioning as they normally would.  It takes a special “detoxification” approach to rid your body of these heavy metals. Then those cells will start functioning as they should.
  14. We don’t get as much sunlight exposure as our ancestors and therefore most people are deficient in Vitamin D.
  15. Today’s life style creates a lot of stress.  This tend to cause people to overuse their thyroid which burns it out.  This causes the cortisol level to basically be flat throughout the day instead of rising throughout the day to keep our energy level high until evening.  This is why so many people experience extreme fatigue after lunch.
  16. As we get older, certain of our systems stop operating as efficiently as they originally did.  Therefore certain supplements need to be taken to keep your systems in balance and running correctly.

COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 For your safety we utilize Telemedicine visits exclusively. Our safely garbed phlebotomist will come to your home and draw blood for labs.