What we treat

There is a range of Neurodegenerative Diseases that we treat at ATCA ranging from diseases you’ve heard of like Alzheimer’s to newer conditions like Brain Fog brought on by COVID-19.

More than Just Alzheimer’s

Proven Treatment: In the documented 2 ½ year trial using our treatment approach, up to 76% of the patients either had no further decline or, even better, had improvement in their mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment is a symptom of all of the diseases noted above and therefore our protocol will provide a comprehensive and personal treatment plan for your condition.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Our focus is treating Alzheimer’s Disease – a condition that causes progressive brain damage, resulting in loss of cells and function. Clearly based on our name, we can help you with your Alzheimer’s.


Dementia is a condition that we treat that revolves around a loss of memory and other cognitive abilities severe enough to impact daily life. Dementia is not a disease but rather refers to a set of symptoms. Dementia is related to Alzheimer’s and our protocol can help you with this.

Memory Loss

Many conditions cause memory loss in older adults, and it is treatable. It is important to understand the distinction between normal changes in memory and the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s and other disorders. Helping memory loss is a key part of our treatment approach. Please let us help you.

Brain/COVID Fog

COVID Brain fog is a symptom observed in some COVID-19 cases that involves significant memory problems, a lack of mental clarity, and an inability to focus intently. While COVID Fog is new, our treatment protocol has been used effectively to treat traditional “Brain Fog”. We believe that COVID Fog will respond similarly.

Degenerative Issues

Degenerative brain issues describe a disease in which damage to the impacted tissues or organs gets progressively worse over time. Our analytics look at all degenerative issues and we work to create a treatment approach for you to address this condition. Please let us help you.

Beta-Amyloid Plaque

Beta-Amyloid Plaque comes from larger proteins in the fatty membrane of surrounding nerve cells. Small clumps block cell-to-cell communications and may activate unwanted immune responses. It is important to take steps to minimize the creation of the Plaque and our treatments focus on that as well as working to eliminate the existing Plaque. Please let us help.

Patient Resources

In our 2 ½ year trial, findings showed 76% of patients either had no further decline or, even better, some had improvement in their mild cognitive impairment. Interested in reading the full study? Fill out the form below and we will email you the full study.

Proven Treatment

In the documented 2 ½ year trial using our treatment approach, up to 76% of the patients either had no further decline or, even better, had improvement in their mild cognitive impairment.

Chat With A Patient Coach. 

Have questions? Want to learn more about how our treatment works? Reach out today, and we’ll put you in touch with a Patient Coach, who can talk about your specific treatment options and how to get started.

Why Choose ATCA


Proven Results

Many people misunderstand Alzheimer’s as an untreatable disease. This is not the case anymore. Our treatment methods (during a 2 ½ year trial) showed a 76% success rate in halting the advance or reversing mild cognitive impairment.


Work With Specialists

Too often, Alzheimer’s patients find themselves seeking specialized treatment from generalist doctors. Our practitioners are Alzheimer’s specialists and spend 100% of their time treating Neurological diseases.


Thousands of Patients Just Like You

This is not some new or untested treatment. Over 3,000 patients have used our solution, with more patients working through the program every day. We know what we’re doing because we’ve done it, and you can feel safe.


We Treat the Patient, not the Symptoms

Symptoms are important. So are your medical history and genetics. All treatment starts with a 360° analysis of your entire medical state and history. This is used to create a 15 page precision medicine treatment plan.

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The path to wellness starts right here. Everything begins with a no-pressure, no-cost consultative call where we assess whether you’re a good fit for our program. The call is 100% free. 

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