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What to Expect From ATCA

Alzheimer’s Treatment Centers of America creates a personalized medicine approach to your Alzheimer’s issues. Our approach uses a protocol that is patented and proprietary. It is also a competitive option when compared to the leading pharmaceutical options. Many Care Facilities are set up to just help take care of you as your Alzheimer’s keeps getting worse. We are not a Care Facility we are a Treatment Center because we work to give you approaches to fight back against Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is not a simple disease. While current clinical research focuses on identifying a single treatment, the reality is that patients require individualized treatment depending on their overall health, stage of disease and other risk factors. Our approach takes into account all of these factors and provides a personalized treatment plan for you.

Proven Treatment

ATCA uses a protocol developed by a company that ran a documented 2 ½ year observational study. In that observational study, up to 75% of the patients had no further decline in their mild cognitive impairment. No representation is being made that future patients will see similar results, as each patient is unique.

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The path to wellness starts right here. Everything begins with you making a call to our customer care coordinators who can explain how our visits progress. They can also set you up with your first appointment.

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