Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Alzheimer’s Treatment Centers of America offers a unique and patented data-driven protocol that’s personalized to you. Connect with our best-in-class memory care specialists by scheduling your risk-free consultation today.

How Our Treatment Works

1. Schedule Your Risk-Free Consultation and Meet Your Care Team

Let’s get started! Everything kicks off with meeting you and assessing your condition. Our practitioners spend 60 minutes with you to ensure they really understand everything you are dealing with. This appointment is covered by Medicare and all the forms you need to complete can be completed easily online! It’s safe, easy and we can’t wait to meet you.

2. We generate your personal health report based on real data

Following the initial consultation, our experts take your information and and compare them to analysis, algorithms, and correlation studies to develop a personalized health improvement program. The end result is a 15-page report that is personalized specifically to your condition outlining not only your disease, but a tailored treatment plan designed to help you fight.

3. Treatment for Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

Our health coaches take your report and put the findings to work! We work with patients and caregivers throughout every week to ensure that the prescribed protocol is being followed. We’ll also create reminders to help ensure the patient is confident in their treatment and comfortable with their progress. After the first six months of treatment, we will reassess your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Patient Resources

In our 2 ½ year trial, findings showed 76% of patients either had no further decline or, even better, some had improvement in their mild cognitive impairment. Interested in reading the full study? Fill out the form below and we will email you the full study.

Personalized Report

Our experts leverage analysis, algorithms, and correlation studies to develop a personalized health improvement program by using your medical history, genetic sequencing, labs, memory evaluations and more. A 15 page report is created mapping out your condition and treatment approach.

Chat With A Patient Coach. 

Have questions? Want to learn more about how our treatment works? Reach out today, and we’ll put you in touch with a patient coach, who can talk about your specific treatment options and how to get started.

Why Choose ATCA


Proven Results

Many people misunderstand Alzheimer’s as an untreatable disease. This is not the case anymore. Our treatment methods (during a 2 ½ year trial) showed a 76% success rate in halting the advance or reversing mild cognitive impairment.


Work With Specialists

Too often, Alzheimer’s patients find themselves seeking specialized treatment from generalist doctors. Our practitioners are Alzheimer’s specialists and spend 100% of their time treating Neurological diseases.


Thousands of Patients Just Like You

This is not some new or untested treatment. Over 3,000 patients have used our protocol, with more patients working through the program every day. We know what we’re doing because we’ve done it, and you can feel safe.


We Treat the Patient, not the Symptoms

Symptoms are important. So are your medical history and genetics. All treatment starts with a 360° analysis of your entire medical state and history. This is used to create a 15 page precision medicine treatment plan.

Get Started Today

The path to wellness starts right here. Everything begins with a no-pressure, no-cost consultative call where we assess whether you’re a good fit for our program. The call is 100% free. 

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