ATCA along with our AI-Expert System seeks to collect patient data in the most convenient method for our users. Therefore, electronic and easy to fill out forms will be emailed to the patient and/or caregiver after the initial appointment is scheduled. It will be required that these forms are filled at least 48 hours before the appointment time or the appointment will be rescheduled. These 48 hours give our team and practitioners appropriate time to review all of the input from the patient.
In addition, ATCA will partner with equipment vendors to simplify data collection from health and activity tracking wearable devices, such as FitBit. This will streamline the feedback loop of refining each individualized multi-dimensional treatment plan.
The clinical staff will assist the patients as needed in their testing activities and do regular follow-up of prescribed regimen to monitor progress. Each practitioner follows established quality-control processes for all clinical data screening and gathering procedures.
In addition to managing a registered patient population, Alzheimer’s AI-Expert System will participate in and consume data from other Alzheimer’s disease-related studies, such as the ADNI database.
Alzheimer’s AI-Expert System accesses researcher exchange networks and assemble informatics toolkits to extract and share vital insights. Diverse data sets not only assist in the ongoing refinement of the Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics Engine, but also connect linkages between patients’ needs and available resources.
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